Closed Meeting Investigator

Investigates a complaint regarding whether the municipality or local board has complied with the Municipal Act respecting a meeting that was closed to the public

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Integrity Commissioner

Conducts investigations on a complaint basis the application of a Council’s Code of Conduct, procedures, rules and policies governing the ethical behaviour of members of council, its local boards and committees

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Municipal Ombudsman

Investigates any decisions, recommendations or acts done in the course of the administration of the appointing municipality, its local boards and specified municipally-controlled corporations.

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Our Mission


The primary goal of Independent Resolutions is to help resolve municipal complaints in an impartial and independent manner and in a way that retains and/or gains public confidence.


For Further Information

Contact us for general advice and assistance regarding Municipal investigative inquiries.  Formal complaints from or regarding municipal clients are to be submitted on the specified form(s) available at the relevant municipal office.