What is an Integrity Commissioner?

An Integrity Commissioner (IC) investigates in an independent manner, complaints regarding Municipal Councils, committees and boards as they relate to Councils Code of Conduct and any procedures, rules and policies governing the ethical behaviour of members.

What is a Closed Meeting Investigator?

A Closed Meeting Investigator (CMI) investigates in an independent manner complaints regarding whether or not a municipality has complied with specific sections of the Municipal Act and the local Procedural By-law respecting a meeting or part of a meeting that was closed to the public.

What is a Municipal Ombudsman?

A Municipal Ombudsman (MO) is an independent and impartial officer who raises citizen concerns with government (Municipal) bodies, after regular processes for resolving conflicts have been exhausted.

How does someone register a complaint?

Complaint forms are available at local municipal offices.  The complainant is encouraged to contact the Municipal Investigator by telephone or email for advice before a formal complaint is issued.

Is there any charge for these services?

There may be an application fee, payable to the municipality, which is refundable if the complaint results in a finding. Please check with the municipality complaint form to verify if a fee is required.

If you are in doubt, please contact Independent Resolutions for clarification. 

The cost of any formal investigation is borne by the affected municipality and not the complainant.